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Climate Crisis Summit

A debate on the future of the planet.

Bernie, AOC, Naomi Klein and others discuss ways to address the climate crisis. AOC is awesome, Bernie is powerful. See 2:00:00    November 9, 2019

De-industrialization in Milwaukee

and Milwaukee's Green Deal

Community leaders discuss the history of industrialization in Milwaukee, how it was devastated by globalization and the promise of the Green Deal for Milwaukee's workforce. Great Milwaukee history lesson. Highly recommended!

Impeachment Or Not Debate

Sponsored by Grassroots North Shore, Grassroots South Shore  and Citizen Action Wisconsin, October 13, 2019

The Future of Transportation in Milwaukee
An Issue Action Team Event

Sponsored by Citizen Action, September 24, 2019 Presentation by Richard Stasik 

Details on WE Energies' plan for phasing out coal-fired power plants and shifting to renewable energy.  September 10, 2019

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speakers and presentations

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: John Nichols - The Nation Magazine, Matt Rothschild - Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Jay Heck - Common Cause and others.

Deep Adaptation Workshop

A video offering feedback from participants in a Deep Adaption workshop featuring people learning to face the effects of humanity on Earth and human systems.

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