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A Time to Speak Out for Justice

Incendiary New Doc: Racism in the Food System (Trailer)

Powerful new documentary by the "Cowspiracy" folks. Health advocates and activist John Lewis raise awareness of the outrageous health disparities suffered by Americans of Color and the systems intentionally designed to keep to that way.

A forum on how to create a fair, appropriate and more resilient food system for our communities

A Post-Carbon Institute webinar

Learn from experts working on critical food systems who can provide a clear, high-level picture of where we find ourselves now in the midst of a food crisis and how we might remake it to better serve food-challenged growers, distributors and food-challenged communities.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

George Floyd Protest in Milwaukee

Powerful, moving, emotional gathering in Milwaukee on May 30 to demand just treatment for Milwaukee's African American community. https://www.facebook.com/buildingunitywi/videos/2417225168380247/

Nature Isn't Canceled

Nature can provide powerful healing energy. Find time to take a walk in a park, visit a nearby lake and spend some time with the trees, birds and wildflowers.

Anishinaabe Cultural Perspectives on wildlife and nature

Michael Waasegiizhip Price, traditional ecological
knowledge specialist, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission speaks about the traditional hierarchy of humans and wildlife.

A Time for Reflection

View Rev. Mariama White-Hammond's presentation from the Virtual 2020 Earth Dary Conference, hosted by the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies as UW-Madison. Very relevant to  social/economic challenges in Milwaukee.

Mariaelena Huambachano speaks about what we can learn from indigenous food systems

A presentation from the 2020 Earth Day Conference at UW-Madison

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speakers and presentations

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: John Nichols - The Nation Magazine, Matt Rothschild - Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Jay Heck - Common Cause and others.

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Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights!

                                        -- Bob Marley

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What a terrific service for good people working for justice of all kinds. Thanks so much for validating the good work of good people around the state and being part of the solution!

                               -- Kimberly Wright, Midwest Environmental Advocates

Miss anything?  Wish you could hear that one quote again?  Want to share the experience with others?  Check out and share the beautiful edited videos of the forum on the Wisconsin Video Hub. --  Forest Janke, Crawford Stewardship Council

Thank you so very much for all you have done to document this opposition effort.  We are especially indebted to people like you who are able to spread the message much further than we ever could!                -- M. Stella