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2021 -- A Time to Remake Our World

Earthrise by

Amanda Gordon, Poet

Year-Round Food Production for MKE's Food Desert

Here's an ingenious new technology that would enable year-round food production for MKE's food deserts. Click on the slide show above.

Why We Need a Green Recovery

The American economy is in free-fall, but passing a green stimulus to fund climate solutions would put millions back to work. What's more, this proposal is extremely popular, especially among young people.

A Large-Scale Food Production System

Ecoponex's REEF systems would provide MKE's urban residents with good-paying, meaningful jobs and enable residents to purchase nutritious food at affordable prices.

Nature Isn't Canceled

Nature can provide powerful healing energy. Find time to take a walk in a park, visit a nearby lake and spend some time with the trees, birds and wildflowers.

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                                        -- Bob Marley

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What a terrific service for good people working for justice of all kinds. Thanks so much for validating the good work of good people around the state and being part of the solution!

                               -- Kimberly Wright, Midwest Environmental Advocates

Miss anything?  Wish you could hear that one quote again?  Want to share the experience with others?  Check out and share the beautiful edited videos of the forum on the Wisconsin Video Hub. --  Forest Janke, Crawford Stewardship Council

Thank you so very much for all you have done to document this opposition effort.  We are especially indebted to people like you who are able to spread the message much further than we ever could!                -- M. Stella