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The Right To A Future

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot describe the challenges to the world from climate change and explain how natural systems can be deployed to reduce the impacts of climate change and help to preserve life on Planet Earth.

Negative Impacts of expansion transmission lines

Holland Town Clerk, Marilyn will describe how their town was ill-prepared for dealing with the economic and other negative impacts from the presence of two 345 kV expansion transmission lines.. 10 min, Mar 2018

Our Democracy at Risk

John Nichols, Nation Magazine Correspondent gives an inspirational talk about how we can take back our democracy. Grassroots Festival, 23 min, March 2018

They Will Inherit the Earth

Fr. John Dear, author, activist  calls us to embrace active solidarity with Mother Earth. 

April 2018 He's joined by Milwaukee's own Reggie Jackson . 90 min. 


With great clarity and passion, Keryn Newman describes the successful process that  citizens in West Virginia used to organize and prevent the construction of large transmission lines in the area. 34 min, March 2018

Industrial AG in the Driftless and its effect on groundwater, 25 min, March 2018

Threats to the Driftless area (Wisconsin) from new powerlines

Driftless Area Land Conservancy Executive Director Dave Clutter warns about the visual and environmental damage proposed new transmission lines could create in the spectacular Driftless area of Southern Wisconsin. 9 min, 2018

​More wires to serve less load?

As legal counsel for the Town of Holland, Frank Jablonski describes how to challenge the utilities and Public Service Commission (PSC) purported “need” for additional powerlines. He asks the utilities and PSC.  9 min, 2018

​Limitations of the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO)

An analysis of flawed economic benefit studies used by utilities. How citizen intervenors can challenge the legitimacy of the MISO and work to benefit ratepayers and the environment. 60 min, 2018

Local-based Energy Futures

Bill Powers wraps describes effective strategies that can be deployed to prevent extension transmission lines from receiving permitting and construction approval.  12 min, Mar 2018

Critical Issues:  Public safety and protection of groundwater, public health and quality of life in rural Wisconsin communities

Human beings have, individually and collectively, phenomenal powers, hitherto primarily used to exploit the Earth and other humans, to the extent that an entire planet's life is in jeopardy.  Consider what could happen if some kind of awakening … would profoundly fuse humans with the powers of Earth. The Earth itself could re-direct us. The Alliance is not a human creation, nor is it led and directed by humans, but rather is the complete fusion of the human mind with the powers of the Earth.                            --  D. Haenke, 2018



Defending Rural Communities from Economic Colonization

In this powerful, persuasive presentation, Dr. John Ikerd, keynote speaker at the Boscobel  "Industrial Ag in the Driftless" conference warns about the grave threats to the social/economic fabric and the environmental and public health of rural communities posed by industrial agriculture.  38 min, Jan 2018

The Challenges Posed by Factory Hog Farms

Scott Dye describes his experience of living next to a large industrial hog farm (CAFO) in rural Missouri and what rural residents of Southeastern Wisconsin can do to protect themselves from the problematic health and environmental impacts of  large-scale animal factories.

11 min, Jan 20, 2018

Wisconsin Karst Topography

Dr. Kevin Rodolfo delivers a crash course on the Swiss-cheese geology called “Karst” underlying Wisconsin agricultural lands that can allow pollutants from large-scale confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to enter into groundwater sources and contaminate rural wells.
15 min, Jan 20, 2018

Featured CAFO Documentary Videos

Kewaunee: River of the Lost

Excellent overview of the impact of large-scale dairy farms in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. How manure is stored on site and spread on fields lacking sufficient soil absorbent qualities. Hear from residents of the area who are finding their wells contaminated with bovine bacteria and nitrates and the adjustments they're forced to make to adapt to the "new normal" of life with bottled water.

14 minutes, 2017

The Dark Side Of The Other White Meat

Mini documentary that reveals the serious environmental and quality of life problems experienced by families in Dodge County, Minnesota who live close to a large industrial hog farm -- just one of 18,000 registered feedlots in the state. A powerful cautionary tale.

29 minutes, 2016