Resources for Safe, Just and Sustainable Living

Public Policy

The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more

                                                                                                          --- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Public Policy matters. A lot. It impacts everything in our lives: the quality and availability of our education, our health care, and the safety of our soil, air and water. It determines our public interactions, the viability our democratic institutions, our taxes, and our relationships with other communities and nations -- indeed our very existence as a human species. Everyone has a stake in the policies enacted by national, state and local governments. Everyone has the opportunity and a responsibility to participate in civic affairs. Let's all work together to create a better world.

Shorewood Solidarity March

February 4, 2017: 4:50 min

Key Issues and Organizations:

Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative

Citizen Action has launched deep planning projects with dozens of progressive partner organizations to develop shared, a ten-year strategic communications roadmap to economic equality, guaranteed affordable health care and budget & tax issues. More issues are in the works.  See our video: Tax Reform and Cutting 500 Billion from Medicare

Fair Elections Project

The Fair Elections Project, a project of the High Ground Institute, is working to change how politics works in the United States and help end the partisan gridlock that grips the nation. When elections don’t really matter because the district lines determine which party will be in control, the people don’t have a voice. This is contrary both to our historical tradition of fairness and the Constitutional requirement that all voters are equal citizens.

Grass Roots North Shore

The progressive voice of Milwaukee’s North Shore Communities. Issues include firearm violence, fair elections, health care, state of women, county park system.


Our Wisconsin Revolution

Our Wisconsin Revolution is an independent, statewide, membership-driven, democratic-populist organization that aims to take Wisconsin government back from corporate elites and make it of, by, and for the people.

Wisconsin Grassroots Network

Sponsors the annual Grassroots Festival which features national and regional leaders discussing environmental issues, public policy, organizing, political candidates and more

Rid Racism

A coalition dedicated to engaging all generations in understanding
racial and cultural differences through dialogue and action.

Wisconsin Council on Children and Communities

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families (WCCF) promotes the well being of children and families in Wisconsin.  The WCCF advocates for effective and efficient health, education, and human service delivery systems – particularly for disadvantaged children and their families.


Peace Action Wisconsin

Wisconsin's largest grassroots peace and jus­tice orga­ni­za­tion.  Milwaukee

The Milwaukee chapter of—an international grassroots movement to solve the climate change crisis—invites you to join its monthly meetings, held at 7pm the second Tuesday of each month, at the Riverside location of the Urban Ecology Center, 1500 E. Park Place.

Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals

An auxiliary of the Milwaukee Urban League, our mission is to engage young professionals in the movement towards the achievement of social and economic equality.


Young People’s Resistance Committee

“A youth-led, multinational organization that works for the rights of immigrants, students, and workers. We organize to not only increase awareness of the injustices immigrants face in this country, but to engage in the movement all who become indignant regarding such issues.”

Wisconsin Urban and Rural Progressive Community

We are a Facebook group dedicated to merging Urban and Rural Progressives throughout the State. Our goals include sharing ideas, solutions, and promotion of Progressivism, in hopes to form a Progressive Caucus.

The Gaia Coalition

The Gaia Coalition Network is aimed at bringing together all members of the community, local businesses, student organizations, universities, non-profits, and environmental and civil rights groups, to create a unified and collaborative effort. We want to bridge the gap between the social and ecological movements in Wisconsin, and provide a format for preexisting and emerging groups to work together.

Common Ground

Common Ground is a group of nonpartisan, proactive, everyday citizens in Southeastern Wisconsin, dedicated to identifying pressing social problems facing our community and bringing about creative solutions. Our strength is in the commitment of more than forty congregations, neighborhood groups, nonprofits, schools, small businesses and unions to take action on regional issues.

VOCES De La Frontera

"The fight for immigration reform is a fight about rights on the job.  It is about eliminating the threat of retaliation for reporting abuse, stolen wages, and dangerous working conditions.  It is about the right to organize with other workers to address these conditions."

WRRD – Wisconsin’s Resistance Radio! 1510 am

Milwaukee and Wisconsin’s only independent news talk radio and 24/7 LIVE Streaming Station.

Programs include local progressive leaders, Thom Hartmann and Nationally Syndicated Devil’s Advocates Radio Show.


Shepherd Express

Milwaukee’s weekly alternative new source covering arts and entertainment and culture. Regularly features insightful articles and analysis regarding key public policy issues.

Wisconsin Gazette

Weekly progressive, alternative, powerful, and revealing articles focusing on state and federal political nonsense and how caring folks are fighting back. Also covers entertainment, lifestyles, media and culture. A great read.

WisconsinWatch: The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

A powerful, effective voice for critical issues in Wisconsin. It's mission is "to increase the quality, quantity and understanding of investigative journalism to foster an informed citizenry and strengthen democracy."

WisconsinEye Video Recording Service

A non-profit video production team "that covers the actions of our state government and a range of forums, activities, and participants throughout our state that constitute community and public life in Wisconsin." Our mission is "to provide access to the public policy debate and decision-making process without editing, commentary, or analysis and with a balanced presentation of points of view."

National & Global Organizations, Projects and Programs

Be the change you wish to see the world.

                                                        Mahatma Gandhi

Transition United States 

Transition US (TUS) is a national hub organization for the international Transition Towns movement of communities transitioning off fossil fuels, living in balance with resource limits and building equity for all. Our mission is to catalyze and strengthen a national network of people-powered groups who are building local resilience through community action. The Transitions movement aims to lower energy consumption, build community resilience, act collectively, prepare for life without fossil fuels and design new ways of living that are more nourishing, fulfilling, ecologically sustainable, and socially just.

Public Banking Movement  

Our current private banking system has presided over the greatest concentration of wealth in human history, while the vast majority of working people have endured stagnant wages, declining wealth, and recurring recessions. In contrast, Public Banks can empower small businesses, students, homeowners, city and state governments, save taxpayers 50% on infrastructure projects, and save billions in fees. Community banks prosper and thrive by banking for the common good over the long term and making low-cost credit available where it is needed in the real economy. North Dakota is the only state with a public bank, but public bank start-up efforts are currently underway in several other states.  

The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere (MAHB)

The goal of the MAHB is to create a platform to help global civil society address the interconnections among the greatest threats to human well-being: failure of ecosystem services, economic inequity, social injustice, hunger, epidemics, toxic chemicals, and loss of security to crime, terrorism and war, especially resource wars (veiled or not), to name a few. The MAHB is unafraid to address some of the most serious existential challenges to humanity, such as world population, capitalism, and environmental and social collapse.  Highly recommended.

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Perhaps an idea whose time has come -- the universal basic income or UBI is a concept where government provides a monthly stipend (approx. $12,000 per year for each adult) to citizens so they can afford a home and basic necessities. In an era of increasing job loss due to automation and AI, it may also be the only way to avoid widespread social collapse.

How to manage and pay for it? Provide government oversight and make Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other such AI companies pay for it with a simple data tax and charge a “worker displacement fee” on robots and robotic equipment. Studies show that a UBI does not discourage people from working and the benefits of UBI would likely lead to a dramatic increase in economic growth, young people would remain in school longer, and communities would experience a reduction in poverty rate and health care costs. As stress factors are reduced, crime rates will drop along with rates of addiction. UBI experiments are currently under way in several countries.


Worker Coops

The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives represents the interests of worker cooperatives and promotes workplace democracy with federal agencies and elected officials. In addition to acting as a voice for worker-ownership nationally, it supports local advocacy campaigns initiated by USFWC members. USFWC members are actively leading local organizing efforts in Madison WI, New York City, Oakland and more.

Alternative Housing

Senior Coop Living

Senior housing cooperatives are an increasingly popular housing option for active adults 55+, and with good reason. Senior cooperatives are collectively owned and governed by the members themselves. They are not-for-profit organizations established under humanistic principles that ensure that a senior housing cooperative is much more than just a place to live.

Tiny Home Movement

A “Tiny Home” is 65 to 400 square feet.  A small home can save you time and money and possibly eliminate a mortgage. It’s easy to find stuff, your house can be moved easily, and it’s better for the environment. A tiny home is a good way to simplify your life.