​Media that matters

The WisVideohub is Wisconsin's unique go-to website for video recorded presentations and occasional live-streams covering issues of vital public importance--local, statewide and global. Our dynamic RESOURCES tab also lists an abundance of inspiring individuals, organizations and projects seeking to create a safe, compassionate, healthy, equitable and regenerative world for all life on planet Earth.

The Importance of Community Activism
Membership in a democratic society is about community engagement -- individuals, groups and local organizations coming together to learn about issues, express their views and to advocate for social, economic and political justice.
Our videos feature special programs, interviews, discussions and street level actions that carry a message and afford the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the issues and the people behind them. Our productions are intended to provide information and perspective on the critical issues facing our communities and to inspire YOU to become more involved in supporting these important efforts, initiatives and collaboratives and most critical -- to VOTE for the systemic change that is so vitally needed now.
Democracy in Action
A democratic society is about people making informed choices about the quality of life in their community. Some of our videos focus on the public polity choices that we face as a democratic society and explore the issues and values associated with them as well as who agrees and who doesn't. Our intent is to  stimulate discussion of the issues by families, friends and neighbors in a helpful fashion. The goal is to promote a shared understanding of each other's point of view as the basis for decision-making in our political dialog.