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Water is life. Water is the most ancient, most mysterious, most powerful, and most essential substance on the planet. Our bodies are 70% water, the same proportion as water on Planet Earth.    It is from the seas that life on earth was birthed. Water connects all life-forms together. We are water. If we desire to continue to inhabit this marvelous earth, we need to respect and protect this miraculous gift from the stars.

Is the structure  of water the template for all life-forms?
When a drop of water is viewed under a microscope at 400X while transitioning from a frozen state, it reveals its hidden nature--its ability to form a 3-dimentional series of circular forms (like human cells) which appear to spontaneously generate "light bridges" to communicate with each other, transferring vital information.

Single water droplet at 400X magnification
Human cells exhibiting
"Gap Junction"

Wisconsin Water Organizations and Information

Milwaukee Water Commons

Milwaukee Water Commons’ mission is to create “a cross-city network that fosters connection, collaboration and broad community leadership on behalf of our waters.  We promote stewardship of, equitable access to and shared decision-making for our common waters.”

Milwaukee Riverkeeper

A member of the international Riverkeeper Alliance and a science-based advocacy organization working for swimmable, fishable rivers throughout the Milwaukee River Basin

UWM School of Freshwater Sciences

A unique hands-on educational institution whose mission is “to advance fundamental and strategic science and train the next generation of freshwater professionals to inform policy, improve management, and promote the health and sustainability of freshwater systems worldwide.”

Oil and Water: Dan Egan

A Journal/Sentinel special report by Dan Egan, Brico Fund Senior Water Policy Fellow in Great Lakes Journalism at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences. In this role, he reports on pressing issues facing the Great Lakes.

Dan is also the author of The Death and Life of  the Great Lakes, "A landmark work of science, history and reporting on the past, present and imperiled future of the Great Lakes."

Fund for Lake Michigan

The mission of the Fund for Lake Michigan is to support efforts, and in particular those in southeastern Wisconsin, that enhance the health of Lake Michigan and its shoreline and tributary river systems for the benefit of the people, plants and animals that depend upon the system for water, recreation and commerce.

Stonehouse Water Technologies

Located in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, Stonehouse is pioneering a versatile, state-of-the-art central household water treatment system called the “Water POD” (Purification On Demand). The Water POD is designed to purify water from rural wells and other sources of water contamination. Stonehouse installed the popular Algoma High School Water POD 24/7 free public access water kiosk which serves numerous families in the area.


Sweet Water is committed to restoring the Greater Milwaukee watersheds to conditions that are healthy for swimming and fishing. We bring diverse partners together and provide the leadership and innovation necessary to protect and restore our shared water resources.

Words for Water   Mary Dougherty, Bayfield resident photographer, cookbook author and water activist has created a unique and inspiring visual tribute to water.  Visit her collection of water-inspired videos.

The Healthy Water Guide by Charles Bensinger

A one-of-a-kind 47 page eBook of valuable information about water. Answers basic questions of: “How do I know if my water is safe to drink?”  and “If not, what can I do about it?”  Chapters include: What is Water?,  What’s in Your Water, Making Water Safe to Drink, Water and Health, Global Water Concerns, and The Sacred Nature of Water.

Download free PDF.

Failure at the Faucet

A powerful, revealing article series exploring Wisconsin’s drinking water problems by Wisconsin Watch. In particular, it focuses on the problems facing Kewaunee County and how residents must use bottled water due to widespread well water contamination.

 Kewaunee Cares

Advocating responsible stewardship of the land, air and water, Kewaunee Cares is on the front line of the battle to secure relief for rural residents who have seen their household water supplies contaminated by CAFOs (Confined Animal Factory Operations). Be sure to view 14 minute video Kewaunee: River of the Lost on the VIDEO LIBRARY page.

Farms Not Factories

Working to protect family farms in Bayfield County Farms Not Factories is opposing the proposed Badgerwood CAFO – a factory farm that would house 26,000 hogs and generate 6.5 million gallons of untreated liquid manure just 8 miles from Lake Superior.

Citizens Water Coalition of Wisconsin

The members of the Citizens' Water Coalition of Wisconsin believe water is the common ground among grass-roots groups opposing frac sand mining, other mining, pipelines, high capacity wells, easing of shoreline zoning rules and CAFOs across Wisconsin. They've joined forces in order to unify their voices and strategically focus on what is needed — elected officials who are willing to stand up and fight for citizens' rights to clean water.  The Coalition effort benefits all Wisconsin residents because it asks our elected officials to make responsible decisions about how to best protect our water now and in the future.   
A beautiful, powerful website. Check it out and become a "Water Champion".

 Sustain Rural Wisconsin

A statewide coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to preserving the environment while maintaining the health and economic vitality of rural communities. Key concerns include water and air quality, animal welfare, antibiotic resistant bacteria in wells and waterways, public health, food safety and the replacement of family farms with factory farms.

Crawford Stewardship Project

Crawford Stewardship Project seeks to protect the environment of Crawford County and neighboring regions from threats of polluting and extracting industries, to promote sustainable land use, environmental justice and local control of natural resources.

Protect Wood County and its Neighbors

Protect Wood County and its Neighbors is an established and growing group of passionate, informed, and determined individuals whose sole mission is to preserve and protect the environment and quality of life that we all value.

Become a
Water Ranger

Socially Responsible Agriculture Project (SRAP)

An indispensible organization, SRAP strives to give family farmers and ranchers, rural residents, and concerned citizens a powerful, united voice which promotes food production that treats animals humanely, is ecologically responsible, grows local economies, and fully supports family-scale agriculture. Sponsors the annual Factory Farm Summit and provides a wide range of assistance to communities threatened or impacted by factory farms.

Citizens Water Coalition of Wisconsin

The members of the Citizens' Water Coalition of Wisconsin believe water is the common ground among grass-roots groups opposing frac sand mining, other mining, pipelines, high capacity wells, easing of shoreline zoning rules and CAFOs across Wisconsin. They've joined forces in order to unify their voices and strategically focus on what is needed — elected officials who are willing to stand up and fight for citizens' rights to clean water.


Central Sands Water Coalition

A coalition of groups in Central Wisconsin that have joined together to protect water in this unique region of the state. 


Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin

Working to protect water quality in Northeastern Wisconsin (Green Bay area)

Canned Water for Kids

Donates 95% of revenues to clean water projects, nationally and internationally that serve to provide children with clean water. Water is provided in recyclable aluminum cans. More recently, truckloads of water have been sent to hurricane-damaged areas in Texas, Florida and Costa Rica.

Clean Wisconsin

Working to preserve and protect Wisconsin’s water, air and natural heritage. Presently focusing on frac mining, Kewaunee groundwater contamination and wetlands protection.

Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Dedicated to the protection, restoration, and enjoyment of wetlands and associated ecosystems through science-based programs, education, and advocacy.

Sierra Club of Wisconsin

John Muir Chapter, Madison


Trout Unlimited, Wisconsin Council

Conserving, protecting and restoring our country's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds 


Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

We hold legislators accountable to their votes and engages in voter education, lobbying and issue advocacy. We also recruit candidates, issue candidate endorsements, and actively work for the election of candidates committed to strong and effective conservation policies. We are strongly focused on protecting Wisconsin's water resources.

Dodge County Concerned Citizens

A non-profit citizens grassroots group comitted to protecting clean air and water and raising awareness regarding the negative implications of large-scale factory farming in southern Minnesota. Be sure to view The Dark Side Of The Other White Meat on the VIDEO ARCHIVE page.

Food and Water Watch

Food & Water Watch champions healthy food and clean water for all. "Across the nation, factory farming destroys communities and contaminates drinking water supplies and air quality," declared Krissy Kasserman, the national factory farm campaigner at Food & Water Watch, one of the groups behind the effort. "A stop to the expansion of factory farming needs to happen now. "

Legal Assistance

Map of Industrial-Scale Factory Farms

Midwest Environmental Advocates

A nonprofit environmental law center that works for healthy water, air, land and government for this generation and the next. An indespensible and true fighter for the rights of individuals and communities to live safely in Wisconsin.

 Ojibwe Water Walks: Native American Ojibwe people continue the tradition of “Water Walks.” The Nibi (Water) Walks are Indigenous-led, extended ceremonies to pray for the water. Native American women of the Upper Midwest region have walked their way, undeterred by rain, snow and heat, around each of the Great Lakes and along the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Mississippi and other great bodies of surface water. As they walk they remember that “Every step is taken in prayer and gratitude for water, our life giving force.”

Grandmother Josephine (on left)

The Rights of Water

Watch the excellent free UPLIFT Film:
      'The Voice of Water’

Water Protectors around the world, led by indigenous nations, are standing up for the rights of water. From the Ganges in India, to the Whanganui River in New Zealand and Standing Rock in the Dakotas, the sacredness of water is being recognized and respected.

'The Voice of Water' features many Indigenous speakers from around the world.  20 minutes


It's the Water: 8-min doc describing groundwater contamination in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin with comments and appearances by leading legal, academic and technical experts. A must-see for anyone not well informed about the severity of the issues facing our communities from industrial agriculture and factory farming. Includes remarks from key presenters at the 2015 Factory Farm Summit in Green Bay.  Produced by the Wisconsin Video Hub

Videos and Conferences (deep science of water)

Conference on the Physics, Biology and Chemistry of Water

An extraordinary, annual conference organized by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington and held in Bulgaria that brings together leading-edge water science and consciousness researchers. The conference venue also showcases technologies and devices that use the physical and biological properties of water for healing and informational applications. The website provides posters, PowerPoint presentations and videos. This information will totally change the way you think about water. Be prepared to journey "down the rabbit hole."

The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor

Dr. Gerald Pollack describes a hidden universe teeming with physical activity. Pollack lays a simple foundation for understanding how changes in water's structure underlie most energetic transitions of form and motion on earth.

 Water’s Memory: The Mystery of Water,  A fascinating documentary of the extraordinary research in Europe taking place around water.  You'll discover things about water you never knew were possible such as how  water can imprint what's in its environment -- including individual human contact -- the baffleing "water bridge," how water displays different "personalities" and much more. 48 minutes

Water Memory: 2014 documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier who demonstrates a truly ground-breaking example of how he uses water memory to transfer DNA digitally to a remote location. This has stunning ramifications for how we could use water for medicinal purposes by creating digital "informational copies" of chemical and biological information using water as the recording media.  51 minutes

The Hidden Nature of Water
FREE pdf

In nature, water tumbles over rocks, flows through twists and turns and constantly interacts with its environment. During its travels, water absorbs healthful nutrients from the soil and is bathed in sunlight and enriched with free oxygen. Thus, we are what we eat and drink.

Water is “structured” when it “dances with nature,” and becomes infused with energy and vibrancy. This process serves to increase its hydrogen bond angle, reduce its surface tension, neutralize toxins and imparts a balanced electrical charge.  Because structured water or "hexagonal water" contains greater energy, it imparts that additional energy to whatever it comes in contact with, thus plants will grow faster, contain more nutrients and require less water to be healthy.

Alfalfa farmers in Colorado report results of irrigating with structured water